5 Reasons You Should Replace Your Rooftop Windows

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woman opening a rooftop glass window in her Sydney house

Rooftop windows play a major role in allowing warmth and natural light into the indoor space. However, their lifespan is limited like that of most construction materials. But how can you tell that it’s time have your roof window replaced?

Here are proven tips that will help answer this question better to keep you informed about replacing your rooftop windows.

woman opening a rooftop glass window in her Sydney house

Roof Windows are Leaking

In case you notice that your roof window or skylight is leaking, it’s time to replace it immediately. Qualified emergency glazing professionals argue that homeowners who ignore leaking windows end up experiencing serious and costly damage to their ceiling, flooring, walls, and furniture.

Thus, it’ll cost you less to replace leaking roof windows than repairing damaged property. Thus, replace a leaking roof window immediately.



Glass windows installed on the rooftop are often exposed to harsh climatic conditions such as intense sunlight. Consequently, they may get discolored and start turning yellow.

While this issue is more about aesthetics, discoloration also prevents maximum natural light from penetrating into the indoor space.

Unfortunately, discoloration is irreversible. Once discoloration sets in, the only solution available is to replace the window.

You can prevent discoloration by installing blinds on the exterior side of the roof window. Roller shutters and awning blinds are great options for protecting rooftop windows from discoloration.


Cracked window panes

In case you don’t have roller shutters in place, the glass panes used on rooftop windows may be vulnerable to serious cracks.

For instance, falling tree branches and powerful hailstorms can easily crack the glass panes. You should replace cracked rooftop window panes soonest possible to keep your property protected from extensive damage in case the window leaks.


Condensation Around Rooftop Windows

In case you notice some condensation around your rooftop windows, it means they’re no longer sealed properly. If condensation is not dealt with soonest possible, it can damage your entire roof.

Thus, replace condensing rooftop windows before they damage the roof or even leak and cause costly damage to your property.


Roof Replacement Project

If you’re replacing your entire roof, take advantage of the project to replace the rooftop windows. Fitting existing windows into the reconstructed roof can be extremely challenging.

Refitting old windows to a new roof may cause leaking. Replacing the flashings of your roof windows regularly will allow for a tight seal.

Window flashings come in several styles and colors to choose from. Thus, you’ll find it easy to get perfect replacements for a new roof.

Keep these tips in mind to ensure your home stays protected from water damage that may result from faulty skylights or roof windows.


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