aluminium bifolding doors for patio

Types of Modern Doors Available Today

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How many times do you ever think about your home’s front door? It’s rare for most homeowners to do so, and that’s rather unfortunate. The front door matters a lot in every home. It’s one of the home elements that leave a good or bad first impression to visitors. There are many more functions offered […]

small bathroom glass shower door ideas

Unique Design Ideas for Shower Doors in Small Bathrooms

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In case you’re planning to remodel your home with the aim of creating more space, your bathroom is probably among the rooms and fittings you’d want to work on. There are several bathroom design ideas suitable for small bathrooms. It’s good to note that there are design ideas you can implement in your small bathroom […]

modern glass shower door design

Types of Glass Shower Doors and their Benefits

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Shower doors made of glass are a unique design element that is ideal for use in any bathroom, regardless of how small or large it might be. These doors add a modernistic look in the bathroom. They’re designed to meet the ever-changing needs of homeowners who are enthusiastic about design and décor. Besides, they add […]

sliding glass door design for office

Advantages of a Sliding Glass Door in a Small Office

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A sliding glass door is a perfect way of making an office look modern and sleek. It also adds a professional look to the office. Doors made of glass come with elegance that traditional doors can only dream of. Besides, they’re a great choice for any small office space. If you’re in the process of […]

replace glass windows for enhanced security

Replacing Broken Glass Windows for Enhanced Home Security

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In case your glass windows are damaged as a result of bad weather, burglar attack, or accidental damage, then you need to have them replaced to keep your home secure. It’s important to learn how to remove broken windows and replace them with new panes. Doing it by yourself will save you a lot of […]

glass windows and doors safety for kids

The Right Glass Windows and Doors for Keeping Your Children Safe

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It’s extremely challenging to choose the kind of glass you’ll use in your home. Glass panels are mostly used in shower cubicles, sliding patio doors, conservatories, side panels, full-height windows, glass doors, skylights, rooftop windows, and more. However, glass windows/doors are a major cause of injuries to children. Here’re some of the precautions you should […]

insulated glass windows for home

How to Insulate Glass Windows Effectively During Winter

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During winter, you definitely turn up your thermostat for more heat. However, the conditions of your windows will have a huge impact on how warm your home will be and whether the heating system will run efficiently. If the windows are not properly insulated, you’ll run the heating system at its peak for longer periods […]

safety glass for windows

Reasons Why Glass May Break Spontaneously and Effective Solutions

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There are several reports of glass windows breaking and falling off unexpectedly, especially from multistory buildings. The reports come from different locations. Such situations are extremely worrying and dangerous. Consequently, glaziers and builders have had to rethink about the kind of glass suitable for windows in commercial buildings. As a result, safety glass was introduced […]