glass window condensation

Why Is There Condensation On My Windows And How Can I Stop It?

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Condensation on your windows can be quite annoying and irritating. In most instances, it can damage your windows, especially if the affected windows are old. Window condensation may force you to reduce your home’s humidity level. It can also cause hidden problems in the house that may be costly to repair. If the problems persist, […]

broken glass windows being repaired

How to Deal with Broken Glass Windows and DIY Boarding Up Tips

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Glass windows can be extremely fragile. Glass panes get broken quite easily. There are several factors that make glass prone to damage. Today, we’re not discussing why these windows are prone to damage. Instead, we’ll discuss how you can overcome the problem of broken glass. Experienced glaziers point out that broken window panes can get […]

woman opening a rooftop glass window in her Sydney house

5 Reasons You Should Replace Your Rooftop Windows

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Rooftop windows play a major role in allowing warmth and natural light into the indoor space. However, their lifespan is limited like that of most construction materials. But how can you tell that it’s time have your roof window replaced? Here are proven tips that will help answer this question better to keep you informed […]

full length glass windows and doors replaced in sydney home

A Guide on Selecting Glass Doors and Windows for Your House

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The aim of this guide is to assist you in selecting the most ideal glass windows and doors for all situations in your house. The guide touches on the factors you should consider when choosing to replace glass windows or doors in Sydney. Glass doors and windows made of glass are also known as fenestration […]