How to Deal with Broken Glass Windows and DIY Boarding Up Tips

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broken glass windows being repaired

Glass windows can be extremely fragile. Glass panes get broken quite easily. There are several factors that make glass prone to damage.

Today, we’re not discussing why these windows are prone to damage. Instead, we’ll discuss how you can overcome the problem of broken glass.

Experienced glaziers point out that broken window panes can get you into a lot of trouble if not fixed, especially during the harsh winter season.

The only solution you have for broken windows is replacing them. It’s also important to ensure your home is protected from harsh weather elements.

broken glass windows being repaired

Here are some tips gathered by Glass Repair Sydney experts on how you can protect your home from problems that result from broken glass.

Tips for keeping your indoors secure from broken windows

  • Set up a form of fence around the area with broken glass to keep everyone protected by preventing them from going near broken glass shards.
  • Collect all the pieces of broken glass. Comb the entire area to ensure no piece of broken glass is left behind.
  • Put the glass shards into a proper litter bag. Dispose of the litter bag appropriately, preferably in a waste bin.
  • Sweep the area near the broken window. If possible, vacuum the floor to get rid of any tiny shards.
  • Get some sticky tape and use it to collect any tiny fragments that may have been left behind after sweeping.
  • Wear proper gear for the task ahead, including rubber gloves (thick type) and heavy-duty boots or shoes. Once done, take out any loose pieces of glass that may have been left on the window frame. If dismantling the broken glass left behind proves difficult, wrap the edges of the glass with some packing tape.
  • Cover the gap with thick plywood or cardboard. If you can’t get plywood or cardboard, use black bin bags to cover the gap.

You can also board up the window for a better solution.

Here are some DIY boarding up tips.

How to board up broken glass windows

Gather a Strong Tape and Bin Bags

If you’ve ever dealt with broken car windows, then you’re probably familiar with using bin bags and tapes to seal the gap.

You can protect your broken window from more damage and keep your home protected from weather elements temporarily by boarding it up with bin bags and tape. In this case, you’ll need strong and durable tape such as parcel tape or duct tape.

Apply many layers of bin bags (black ones) on the window opening and tape them in place. Doing so will keep away weather elements from your home.

They’ll also enhance the privacy of your home by preventing curious passersby from peeping through the window opening.

Cardboard and Tape

If you can’t get the black type of bin bags, use cardboards to board up the broken window. Gather some cereal boxes or storage boxes.

Extract enough cardboard from the boxes. Lay multiple layers of cardboard over the window opening and tape them in place.

Nails and Wooden Logs

Another effective method of boarding up involves using wooden logs. This method is especially ideal for anyone vacating their home for a long time.

Board up the window with thin but sturdy slices of timber. Nail them in place. You can also staple them in place with a staple gun. Avoid using plywood in this method.

However, remember these tips are temporary solutions to your broken windows. A lasting solution is replacing the broken windows with new panes.

Thus, upon boarding up your windows, contact a professional local glazier to replace the broken window to ensure your home is fully secured.


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