Replacing Broken Glass Windows for Enhanced Home Security

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replace glass windows for enhanced security

In case your glass windows are damaged as a result of bad weather, burglar attack, or accidental damage, then you need to have them replaced to keep your home secure. It’s important to learn how to remove broken windows and replace them with new panes.

Doing it by yourself will save you a lot of money and time. For this project, you’ll need to learn more about the required skills and proper knowledge to get the job done successfully. There’s much more that’s needed than inserting new glass windows and applying putty.

replace glass windows for enhanced security

You should treat broken windows as an emergency. Simply go through this article to learn more about how to replace glass windows easily.


Step 1: Remove the broken pane

First, remove putty that is holding the glass pane in place. Removing putty will make it easier to remove the remains of the broken pane. Use a putty knife, jackknife or wood chisel to scrape off the old putty.

Remember to wear thick safety gloves to keep your hands protected from injuries when handling broken glass. Place the broken pieces of glass on a safe, flat surface when removing it.

Once you remove all the broken pieces, dispose them off properly. It’s also advisable to remove a piece at a time for safety.


Step 2: Removing any remaining putty

If there’s some stubborn putty that seems hard to remove, you can soften it for easier removal by heating it. You can use your blow dryer to soften it and remove it with a putty knife or wood chisel.

In most cases, putty that is stuck around the metallic triangles that hold the panes onto the frame may be extremely stubborn to remove.

In this case, heating the stuck putty would be the simplest way to remove it. Upon removing the putty, smoothen any rough areas of a wooden window frame with the chisel or knife.


Step 3: Oil older window frames

If you’re replacing glass panes in older windows, oil them with a heavy coat of premium linseed oil. Ensure the entire frame is coated. You can use a small paintbrush for easer application.

Give the oil some time to soak before proceeding. Applying linseed oil prevents the oil that comes with putty from evaporating or drying out quickly.

Consequently, linseed oil assists new putty to last longer. Thus, apply it before applying new putty for the best results.


Step 4: Apply new putty

Apply putty along the window frame section where the replacement glass pane will sit. The putty should be applied in a thin layer. Applying a thick layer may not cushion the new pane properly.

Proper cushioning will prevent air from entering into your home through the window and frame. Also, thick putty will smudge and even become visible along the window margin and impact on the visibility and transparency through the glass.

Nevertheless, you can contact us to assist you in repairing or replacing damaged glass windows efficiently and professionally. After all, we offer emergency glass repair services to ensure the security of your home is not at risk.


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