The Right Glass Windows and Doors for Keeping Your Children Safe

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glass windows and doors safety for kids

It’s extremely challenging to choose the kind of glass you’ll use in your home. Glass panels are mostly used in shower cubicles, sliding patio doors, conservatories, side panels, full-height windows, glass doors, skylights, rooftop windows, and more. However, glass windows/doors are a major cause of injuries to children.

glass windows and doors safety for kids

Here’re some of the precautions you should take to keep your children safe from injuries resulting from broken glass windows/doors.

Collisions and cuts

Emergency glaziers advise that ordinary glass is extremely dangerous. Ordinary glass breaks into shards that can cause serious injury. Thus, some states require windows in new buildings to have safety glass for the safety of your family.

Spontaneously falling glass

Accidents occur anywhere and at any time. Sudden glass falls are a common occurrence at home with kids present. Kids tend to play a lot and can easily get injured by falling glass.

Kids can also fall from higher floors when glass doors or windows break as they play. Such scenarios are extremely dangerous. Broken glass or falls can cause severe injury to your children. You can keep your children safe from falls and broken glass by:

  • Keep beds, furniture, and other frames that kids can use to climb away from glass windows
  • Fit window locks or safety catches that restrict windows from opening
  • Add safety barriers to allow for ventilation and safety when opening the windows

Types of safety glazing:

Safety glass comes in three types including:

  1. Laminated glass- This type of glass comes with at least two sheets of glass that are joined together with a plastic layer in between the panels. When the glass breaks, the shards attach onto the plastic layer, thereby reducing the risk of injury.
  2. Toughened glass- Toughened glass is manufactured by heat treatment. This type of glass breaks into blunt, tiny pieces that have a low risk of causing injury. However, granular pieces of glass are still dangerous to kids. Thus, dispose of broken glass as soon as you notice it.
  • Wired glass- This safety glass comes with wires embedded within the glass.

A more affordable option is sticking a safety film on regular glass to prevent the glass from disintegrating once broken.

More advice to keep your kids safe:

  • Protect the bottom section of damaged glass windows with furniture
  • Stickers on an area with broken glass can draw some attention to kids. Thus, avoid putting stickers on broken glass windows
  • When choosing glass doors or windows, buy top quality products that can keep your kids and home safe
  • Kids may fall in case they step on loose floor mats when playing. Thus, keep mats away from your home’s doors or windows.

In case of any broken glass doors or windows, contact a local emergency glazier to come and clear the area immediately and replace the windows with safety glass. Nevertheless, always stay calm when glass breaks and keep your kids away from the area until help arrives. Contact our glass repair and replacement specialists for more information.


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