Reasons Why Glass May Break Spontaneously and Effective Solutions

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safety glass for windows

There are several reports of glass windows breaking and falling off unexpectedly, especially from multistory buildings. The reports come from different locations. Such situations are extremely worrying and dangerous.

Consequently, glaziers and builders have had to rethink about the kind of glass suitable for windows in commercial buildings. As a result, safety glass was introduced in the world of glazing.

safety glass for windows

Safety glazing or safety glass refers to glass that is designed to reduce potential injury when broken. This type of glass is especially ideal for car windshields, skylights, glass doors, and shower lights.

Safety glass comes in three major types. One of the most commonly used types of safety glass is tempered glass. Tempered glass is the safest type.

When broken, tempered glass shatters into small, blunt pieces that may not cause any serious injury. Tempered glass is manufactured by heating and cooling it rapidly such that it doesn’t break into shards.

Safety glass also comes as laminated glass and heat-strengthened glass. However, heat-strengthened glass is not technically safe since it breaks into long shards that may cause serious injury.

If glass breaks in your property, it’ll help to have it repaired by a professional glass repair company that offers emergency glazing service. Regardless, you might wonder what causes spontaneous glass breakage in your home. Let’s discuss some of the likely causes.


Causes of Broken Glass

While glass panes look sophisticated and well secured in place, they’re vulnerable to failures that result either from the user or glazier. Here are some causes of broken glass:

  1. Thermal stress

Thermal stress is a major reason why glass may break spontaneously. This phenomenon results from a difference in the temperature level of the interior surface of glass and the edge, whereby the center is hotter than the edge.

If this condition remains unattended, the glass edge will experience tensile stress. Once the tensile stress on the glass edge exceeds its strength, the glass pane may break.


  1. Low-quality glass edge

The problem of low-quality glass edge originates from the manufacturer when cutting glass, or during its packaging or shipment. In this scenario, the edge of glass gets chipped or dented.

Although this problem may go unnoticed, it’ll eventually lead to breakage once the glass gets stressed on the edges upon installation. Thus, you should only hire a reputable glazing company to ensure you get glass free from defects.


  1. Breakage related to the window frame

Glass may break in a situation where the window frame expands and contracts frequently. The problem typically occurs if some crucial are not included during installation. For instance, missing edge or setting blocks in a wall frame or metallic window can cause a glass pane to break.

In some instances, the glass may be insufficiently cushioned from the metallic window. Temperature or wind will cause friction between the glass and metal framing.

The glass may end up falling off unexpectedly. A professional glazier will ensure that all essential parts of a window are included during installation.


Possible Solutions for Spontaneous Glass Window Breakage

One of the best solutions to this problem is heat-soaking the glass. Heat-soaking involves soaking glass at a temperature of around 288 to 316 degrees Celsius for around 2 to 4 hours. Another solution is using tempered or laminated glass. Our glass replacement experts are always ready to assist you 24 x 7.


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